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Brennenstuhl Electrical Products

The brennenstuhl® group is a top international company within the area of electronics and electrotechnology. We have achieved this by constantly being ambitious and innovative.
Since our inception in 1958, our engineers and technicians have constantly developed new ideas, on the basis of which they create new products of which our customers avail.
They give us a head start, which we solidify through national and international patents and trade mark rights, and continuously expand, in cooperation with our partners in retailing.
Our high-quality product series also includes - besides equipment for power distribution ( e.g. cable reels, cable boxes and power outlet strips) - overvoltage protection devices and home and safety engineerings equipment (e.g. video surveillance systems, intercom systems and smoke detectors).

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Everlast Signs and Nameplates.

The only solution to long-term legible signs,tags,markers! Enormous savings,no replacement costs and huge labor savings for department that installs signs. The only sign system to be tested by Underwriters Laboratories where test results remarkably showed.... No change in 40 years.
Examples of signs and tags we offer.
1 in Aluminum embossed pole tags
1 in Aluminum reflective pole tags
1 in Everlast Generic pole and cable markers
1 in SS embossed cable markers
1 in Three-D cable markers
2 in Aluminum reflective tags
3 in Aluminum embossed tags
Aluminum Tag Holder for Standard Size Tags
Poly Tag Holder for Standard Size Tags
Standard Size Identification Tags
2" Character Size Identification Tags
3" Character Size Identification Tags
5" x 10" Buried Utility Sign
6" Character Size Identification Tags
8" Character Size Identification Tags
10" x 14" Accident Prevention Signs
12" Character Size Identification Tags
Surface Marker for Buried Utilities
Fiber Optic Cable Tags
Wrap-Around Markers Snap-on Cables, Conduit and Pipe

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Information Technology Products

Welcome To CALIBRE®
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” ~ Aristotle
We are Team Calibre® .
We build, automate, operate and maintain an organization’s enterprise-wide IT infrastructure.
We work with cutting edge technologies and offer innovative systems solutions to our clients.
Being Calibre means seeing beyond the current market cycle, and leading clients to new, more productive business models.
Campus Solutions
Calibre® offers a range of products engaged in providing management and decision making infrastructure to knowledge eco-systems.
Calibre®‘s prime focus is on providing an end-to-end solution encompassing the entire value chain of the knowledge eco-system, from initial touch points to transaction completion.
Calibre® offers the following solutions to schools, colleges, universities and training centers:
ERP software with multi-user, multi-locational and multi-level application set-up, with web-enabled Online and Offline Testing Solutions that caters to both educational institutes & corporates A managed learning service with training management and e-learning solutions for an enterprise
We have expert knowledge of the Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms to develop the most efficient and user-friendly consumer and enterprise mobile solutions.
Internet based applications
Client/Server application
Business-to-consumer applications
Social media apps and integrations
ERP applications
Rich multimedia applications
Media integration - music, pictures , videos
Content delivery applications
Business intelligence applications
CRM applications
Location-based applications
Security and other utility applications
User Interface design
Touch screen integration
Push notifications
Barcode scanner-based Apps
Applications Development & Customisation
Product Development
Custom Applications
Applications Re-engineering & Management
Applications Migration
Applications Integration
Applications Support
Web Applications Development
Web Application Solutions
Web Interface Solutions
We partner with financial institutions in business transformations through an effective mix of technology tools and processes. Our endeavor is to help financial organisations enhance existing product features, deliver quality new products, manage risk and comply with regulations.
Specialized Software Services:
Global payments and deliveries worldwide
Upgrading and managing online and offline legacy systems
Financial Web Applications and User Interface

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